5 Benefits of Ama Ser's Co-Working Space

Ama Ser offers many unique benefits to the local community. One of its most beneficial uses is a space for co-working. Co-working is an arrangement that invites individuals from any organization to share a common working space. This may include independent contractors, work-from-home professionals, digital nomads, or anyone looking for a relaxing space to get their work done.   

The Ama Ser Cafe co-working space has a lot to offer. Here are just 5 of the many benefits of joining us in our space:

1. FREE fiber optic high speed internet

2. Elevated view of the rainforest and Caribbean Sea

3. Fresh vegan food and drinks directly from the Costa Rican land

4. Individual and group tables, rocking chairs, and a comfy lounge with a plethora of pillows

5. A community-centric atmosphere

The world has spent the past year in lockdown. The lack of socialization and human contact has taken a toll on many of us. Come reconnect with your community at the...

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From farm-to-fork: the best possible practice for a chef

AmaSer’s chef Mario has been cooking for almost his whole life. After learning from his grandmother and getting a degree in culinary arts, he is now responsible for the dishes on our menu. Here, he can use what is available in the garden to create a gluten free vegan menu. With this, he can show people how a realistic and futureproof perspective on food, from farm-to-fork can be possible.



Mario learned cooking from his grandmother. He grew up in Mexico City with his grandmother always cooking. After school, he was the one helping her in the kitchen. “Immediately after I dropped my backpack, she asked me to go to the market, or chop vegetables. We have a big family that came to visit us every weekend, so my grandmother and I often had to make a lot of food.” She showed him what food to pick and where along with what herbs to harvest that were growing on the hill where they lived.


His life has always been about food. After exploring creative...

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What is Korean Natural Farming (KNF)?

gardening lifestyle tips | Posted Nov 09, 2020

This sustainable farming system was developed by Cho Han Kyu, AKA Master Cho, from the Janong Natural Farming Institute in South Korea. KNF is a style of farming that focuses on the culturing of Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) to improve the health of your soil and regenerate healthy soil where it is no longer found. The end goal is to produce fertile soils that yield high output without the use of outsourced fertilizers and/or pesticides. This is also a helpful technique to implement when trying to make the switch from conventional farming to organic farming. 

Indigenous Microorganisms are what make up the micro life forms in your soil. The organisms that primarily makeup IMO are beneficial fungi, bacteria, and yeasts. There is a symbiotic relationship that occurs between plants and beneficial IMOs; the microorganisms convert nutrients into a form that the plant is able to absorb. In turn, the plants provide food to these microorganisms. 

Some of the potential benefits of...

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The Presence of Plants at AmaSer

“The roots of the plants and trees appeared through a dim transparency of the soil; I discerned the inward flow of their sap.” – Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

It is evident that nature and its processes are inherent in yoga. The most fundamental precept of yoga breath itself or pranayama, would not be possible without plants. Humans and animals take in oxygen and create carbon dioxide as a byproduct and plants do the exact opposite; an elegant symbiosis of balancing opposition, much like the opposing but balancing forces taught in yoga. Our engagement with the world’s flora is an essential phenomenon for life, so it is no surprise that the presence of plants has a profound effect on human health and wellness.


Plants as wellness therapy: 

Having constant fresh snack-age from the prolific gardens at OM is always great, but it turns out there’s a world of health benefits that come from simply being around...

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Moringa: Green Goodness

diet gardening lifestyle superfoods tips | Posted Aug 16, 2020

Moringa: Green Goodness

Moringa is a small tree that is native to the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in India. A few of its common nicknames are: Drumstick Tree, Ben oil Tree and Horseradish Tree. Historically it was very common to find it growing in rural areas and used as a staple food source. A tree that is easy to grow and has so much to offer acted as an economical and nutritional addition to the daily diet. 

Moringa is now cultivated in many places around the world. Universally it is thought of as the miracle tree. All parts of the tree can be consumed and all parts are believed to be highly nutritious.  

The Leaves

The leaves are the most commonly consumed part of the tree. They can be ingested fresh, juiced, dried, turned into powder form or even cooked up in a veggie stir fry. Ayurveda Medicine site 300 diseases that can be treated using moringa leaves.
It is thought to boost energy and detoxify the body as well as containing large amounts of Vitamin C and A....

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