6 Sattvic foods to make your diet more yogic

What are Sattvic Foods?

In general, a sattvic diet is primarily plant-based and focuses on organic, whole, natural fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts,  seeds, and grains that are grown in harmony with nature. Sattvic foods are generally sweet, fresh, light, nourishing, and aromatic and create feelings of contentment, joy, and aliveness after digesting them. Sattvic foods keep the body lean and healthy and make the mind clear and sharp.

Work on adding the sattvic foods listed below to promote and support a yogic lifestyle. Eating more of these foods will support your meditative, spiritual, and yogic practices:

1. Fresh fruit

Packed with prana (life force energy) and antioxidants, fresh fruit can form up to 50% of a yogis diet. All fruit that is sweet, fresh, and organic is considered sattvic, so adding more fruit is the easiest and most effective way to make your diet more yogic. Minimize frozen, dried, or preserved fruit in favor of fresh and in-season fruit. You...

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Golden Milk Recipe/Benefits & Variations for Each Dosha

ayurveda food vegan | Posted Oct 06, 2021

Golden Milk Recipe/Benefits & Variations for Each Dosha

Do you feel tired, do you have acne problems, do you want to lose some extra pounds or do you just want to relieve your body and detoxify it? Then you ought to prepare a delicious Golden milk. It's done in just a few minutes and your body will thank you for it! 

Nowadays we are very busy and people often forget about taking care of their body. Not only from the outside, but mainly from the inside. Maybe that's why many of them feel tired for unknown reasons, have digestive problems or have difficulty breathing. So it's time to stop for a while and give your body a good dose of antioxidants, which will rid it of toxic substances and relieve various ailments. The ideal helper in detoxifying the body is the so-called golden milk. Not only does it taste great, but at the same time the concoction is beneficial in an almost miraculous way. 

Elixir of health

The history of golden...

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