Energy Boost: Balancing the Ida & Pingala Nadis

Last month I wrote about one good reason to roll out of savasana by rolling to your left (high blood pressure, as stated in Anatomy of Hatha Yoga), but there are good reasons for coming out the more traditional way too.

In my own practice, I use the energetic ida and pingala energy lines to guide my exit from the pose and, more universally, to bring balance and integration into other elements of my day and life.

nadi ida & pingala Costa Rica Yoga teacher training

Ida nadi ends at the left nostril and is the lunar, cooling, feminine, yin, introspective energy channel. Pingala nadi ends at the tip of the right nostril and is the solar, masculine, heating, active yang element of the two twinned channels. These channels are said to criss-cross up from the base of the spine intersecting at each chakra.

Knowing about the ida and pingala nadis and their energetic effects, we can consciously harness the energy to bring a deeper state of balance and wholeness into our on- and off-the-mat experience. Throughout each day and night,...

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Practicing Mindfulness | Living Through the Four Agreements

lifestyle philosophy tips yoga | Posted Nov 09, 2020

Maybe you practice yoga three or four times a week, or even every day. When you’re in class with that teacher you can’t get enough of, you feel like you’re on top of the world. You can feel your true Self shining through more and more each day, and your body and mind feel healthier than ever! That feeling is like no other, yet sometimes, once we step off of the mat and back into the real world, that feeling can quickly fade.

Whether it’s an argument with a friend or loved one that pushed you to your limits, or someone cutting you off in traffic causing you to nearly crash, holding your zen can seem impossible in the world we live in. Daily life can test our inner peace, and as yogis we hope to carry that calm essence with us as long as possible. That’s where the The Four Agreements, created by Don Miguel Ruiz come in handy! The book is centered around four simple concepts that can be used as a daily guideline or reference point. When applied mindfully,...

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