Shadow Work: What Is It & Why Practice It?

lifestyle shadow shadowwork yoga | Posted Nov 09, 2020

What is shadow work and how do I do it?

Shadow work is creating awareness around the parts of your life you’ve abandoned and kept hidden. It’s the work of intentionally acknowledging them bringing them into the light and releasing them.

Many of the emotions we hold inside are interpretations of long-ago events. Memories, scenes or just vague feelings that have negative energetic charges attached to them. Kept hidden, they can fester and create feelings of overwhelming fear and disempowerment. They feel secretive, dark, primitive, irrational, and dangerous. Often our psyches think giving them any attention at all is unwise and unsafe. So we do our best to leave them alone.

Yet, left alone they fester and raise their head in ways such as:

Feelings out of control

Feeling flashes of panic or dread

Not being able to talk about your feelings

A reasonable argument turns into warfare

Crying for no reason

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