The Power of New Beginnings

Here we go with another New Year. Some of you may see it also as a new cycle of life. You choose. Whether you feel it this way or it doesn’t really mean a lot to you, it’s a great moment to start new journeys and embrace new beginnings. New beginnings hold immense power as they offer fresh opportunities, a chance to start afresh, and the potential for growth and transformation. They allow us to leave behind the mistakes and regrets of the past and embrace a future full of hope and possibility. By taking advantage of new beginnings, we can redefine ourselves, set new goals, and pursue our dreams with renewed vigor and determination.

Closing one cycle and opening another in life can be a powerful and transformative process. It involves reflecting on past experiences, lessons, and accomplishments, and finding closure or resolution. This might include letting go of things that no longer serve you, forgiving yourself or others, and making peace with the past. Opening a new...

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Advice For Yoga Beginners

challenges self-love yoga beginner | Posted Apr 08, 2022

It came to the west and caught like a cold. There's something about yoga that arouses people's curiosity. It might be the spiritual aspect or the promise of a challenging workout; perhaps it's the touted health benefits that have people landing on the mat and twisting themselves into funny poses. Whatever lights that fire, curiosity is quickly extinguished by doubt.

Yoga beginners commonly feel like outsiders looking in or imposters imposing on other people's space. That's classic monkey mind behavior. Give that monkey a banana and tell it to chill because we've got you covered. 

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

If there's a universal hindrance to progress in any field, it's measuring yourself against the abilities of others. All that energy you waste being jealous or thinking of how long the road ahead is will be better spent making this moment the best it can be. 

When the mind starts straying into feelings of doubt, it hands the reins over to uncontrollable forces of...

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5 things I learnt in my first ever yoga class at AmaSer

Hi, my name is Lucy and I have recently moved to beautiful Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I heard all about Avani’s yoga center AmaSer, so I decided to come along to one of her Yin & Restore classes on a Tuesday afternoon. The class started just before the sun was beginning to set and the afternoon was turning to dusk.  Here are five things I learnt about yoga! 


  1. Yoga is accessible, even to a newbie like me

I would not exactly class myself as a Yogi. I was a little nervous before going to class. What if I obviously stuck out as a rookie, what if I could not hold a posture? Avani made me feel welcome as soon as I entered the class. She begun by explaining the purpose of the class and demonstrated every pose by including a number of variations to make sure you were comfortable and could really connect with how you held your body – without hurting yourself! It was easy to follow and made me feel like I was being cared for, rather than judged.


  1. Even a...
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Yoga for Challenging Times

challenges health lifestyle yoga yoga tips | Posted Nov 09, 2020

We are experiencing one of the most challenging times in the actual human history. The COVID19 pandemic came to us like a wake-up-call and now more than ever we need to go deep into ourselves, practice sacred disciplines and connect with our inner being.

Yoga is one of the magic tools that could help us understand how to walk through life with love and wisdom. Today we can use this ancestral practice to tune in our body energy and switch our emotions, and being aware of and consciously choosing the energy we send out and take in is a step to raising the vibration of the world.

The best way to appreciate that we are healthy is by coming back to our body. Spending more time inside help us to set up routines and develop new habits. That is why Yoga is perfect for us right now.

Now in quarantine, you can take a bit of time to stretch and do some yoga to unwind your day. Set your intentions and choose the practice that better fits you, perhaps you haven´t slept very well and your...

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