6 Sattvic foods to make your diet more yogic

What are Sattvic Foods?

In general, a sattvic diet is primarily plant-based and focuses on organic, whole, natural fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts,  seeds, and grains that are grown in harmony with nature. Sattvic foods are generally sweet, fresh, light, nourishing, and aromatic and create feelings of contentment, joy, and aliveness after digesting them. Sattvic foods keep the body lean and healthy and make the mind clear and sharp.

Work on adding the sattvic foods listed below to promote and support a yogic lifestyle. Eating more of these foods will support your meditative, spiritual, and yogic practices:

1. Fresh fruit

Packed with prana (life force energy) and antioxidants, fresh fruit can form up to 50% of a yogis diet. All fruit that is sweet, fresh, and organic is considered sattvic, so adding more fruit is the easiest and most effective way to make your diet more yogic. Minimize frozen, dried, or preserved fruit in favor of fresh and in-season fruit. You...

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From farm-to-fork: the best possible practice for a chef

AmaSer’s chef Mario has been cooking for almost his whole life. After learning from his grandmother and getting a degree in culinary arts, he is now responsible for the dishes on our menu. Here, he can use what is available in the garden to create a gluten free vegan menu. With this, he can show people how a realistic and futureproof perspective on food, from farm-to-fork can be possible.



Mario learned cooking from his grandmother. He grew up in Mexico City with his grandmother always cooking. After school, he was the one helping her in the kitchen. “Immediately after I dropped my backpack, she asked me to go to the market, or chop vegetables. We have a big family that came to visit us every weekend, so my grandmother and I often had to make a lot of food.” She showed him what food to pick and where along with what herbs to harvest that were growing on the hill where they lived.


His life has always been about food. After exploring creative...

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Basics of Ayurveda: The Science and Knowledge of Life

Ayurveda can be defined as “The science of the knowledge of life.” Ayurveda is closely connected to yoga and is an ancient system for living. It’s been around almost as long as yoga and it too originated in India.

Ayurveda is a holistic art and science that seeks to find balance in life. It does this by categorizing people into groups based on their unique habits, personality and behaviors. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The idea is once you see when and where you might be over saturated in a particular dosha you can analyze how it might serve you to add in a bit of the other two doshas to balance yourself out. It’s really full of common sense.

It’s interesting to read about each dosha and discover which one you lean towards! Let’s look at the 3 unique dosha’s.

The qualities of Vata are cold, light, dry, irregular, rough, moving, quick and changeable. Vata personalities tend to be lively and enthusiastic, slim and wiry, with...

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Moringa: Green Goodness

diet gardening lifestyle superfoods tips | Posted Aug 16, 2020

Moringa: Green Goodness

Moringa is a small tree that is native to the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in India. A few of its common nicknames are: Drumstick Tree, Ben oil Tree and Horseradish Tree. Historically it was very common to find it growing in rural areas and used as a staple food source. A tree that is easy to grow and has so much to offer acted as an economical and nutritional addition to the daily diet. 

Moringa is now cultivated in many places around the world. Universally it is thought of as the miracle tree. All parts of the tree can be consumed and all parts are believed to be highly nutritious.  

The Leaves

The leaves are the most commonly consumed part of the tree. They can be ingested fresh, juiced, dried, turned into powder form or even cooked up in a veggie stir fry. Ayurveda Medicine site 300 diseases that can be treated using moringa leaves.
It is thought to boost energy and detoxify the body as well as containing large amounts of Vitamin C and A....

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