About Us

AmaSer is the brainchild of Avani and Andrew who formerly joined forces with their respective established business of OM + Cashew Hill Jungle Lodges right here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  The great success of their unified business and personal visions led to an evolution into AmaSer where all of their passions can be fused into one on-going project...all under one roof.  AmaSer merges wellness through Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki and Massage Therapy practices as well as encouraging healthy diet and re-connection with Nature and community. Andrew and Avani are parents so naturally, children's educational play and community-centric spaces are the logical next step!  You can get to know your food sources in our organic gardens, book yourself a relaxing yoga class followed by an incredible (ocean view) massage, try out an Ayurvedic consultation or simply sit in the ocean breeze while snacking on food that you can assure is feeding you...body, mind, heart AND spirit.   

AmaSer is located at the top of a quiet jungle hill with gorgeous ocean views from every angle. Here you will find space for slow living and explorations in wellness.  The AmaSer eatery offers completely vegan and gluten free dishes that are inspired by Yoga and Ayurveda.  There are private and shared housing options available for those seeking a short solo respite or a catered group wellness retreat. Yoga Classes serve the Community and educational play installations are a joy for children big and small; because play, too, is sacred!

AmaSer Eatery: Check out our menu for the the most up-to-date options. Everything offered is vegan and gluten-free. We believe that you don't have to sacrifice flavor to live in good health! This eatery is inspired by Ayurveda, the Yogic Principles, our surrounding organic gardens and life right here in the Caribbean. Stick around after your class and enjoy a delicious hot or cold beverage, or an artisanal plate made with locally sourced produce and lots of love!  

Lila ( लीला ) is a yogic concept of play at its most Divine!  

At some point in all of our lives we grow up and stop valuing play for the sacred, educational and exploratory gift that it is. If you want to continue to "be game" for all that life throws at you and return to a deep state of presence, we recommend checking out some of our playful installations (COMING SOON) with the little ones in your life.  It's hard to be distracted when consumed in sacred silliness! Fun is far from frivolous; and we all deserve to check in with our inner child once in awhile.  

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in seven years of conversation."         ~Richard Lingard


Yoga is a Lifestyle

Yoga as a lifestyle is at the heart of all that we offer here at AmaSer.  AmaSer playfully merges two powerful words in Spanish ("Amar" and "Ser") to remind us to LOVE the state of existing; the simple state of being is such a love-filled gift for us everyday.  Yoga helps remind us of that!  We can love ourselves deeply and demonstrate that in so many different ways: gifting ourselves healthy, life enhancing food, participating in practices that are supportive for body, mind, heart and spirit, connecting with community, asking for help, taking a break, getting our hands in the dirt, recognizing our food sources and ancestry, through remembering to PLAY and enjoying deep moments of full presence...the list goes on and on! Because Yoga goes well beyond the limited measurements of your mat. AmaSer!