How Yoga Supported the Globe in a Pandemic

benefits of yoga health pandemic | Posted Oct 06, 2021

The Calm Within the Storm

The COVID-19 pandemic washed across the globe in a daunting and unfamiliar fashion: lockdowns, economic destruction, and social distancing created immense anxiety for the citizens of the world. However, yoga was there for people who needed stress relief and restorative meditation. In many ways, yoga was the calm within the storm for millions of people across the globe.

Benefits of a Routine Practice 

Many people who had never felt the need to practice yoga retreated to their living room floors to find solace. From online zoom courses to social distanced yoga in parks and fields- we found a way. A routine practice reduces cortisol, the stress hormone that influences one’s levels of serotonin and increases the overall wellbeing of those who practice. The constant stress on the body from working from home during the pandemic is washed away through practice one by one.  


Stronger Immune System & Healthier Mind 

The combination of...

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