Breathing in Yoga

benefits of yoga breathe pranayama | Posted Nov 24, 2021

Breath as a source of energy and life

When we lose energy and feel tired we are looking for a cure that will bring us back to peace and quiet. We discover pills against nervousness, we supplement vitamins and minerals, we drink coffee or we reach for an energy drink. We search in the surroundings, and it does not occur to us that the secret is hidden inside us. The word "BREATH" gives us the answer to how naturally we can restore the energy potential of our body.

Yoga takes deep sips of oxygen and prana throughout the body in order to save intake and create new energy. Pranayama is one of the basic rules of Patanjali's yoga system, which outlines working with energy (breath). Breathing techniques are a means of receiving cosmic energy (prana), without which there would be no life. Prana (cosmic, ubiquitous) energy and ayama (controlling) the flow of this energy. Individual breathing techniques direct energy and at the same time keep it in the body.

Ujjayi Breathing

During yoga...

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