The Ethics Of Yoga - Ahimsa (Non-Violence)

As you start to take your first steps on your Yoga journey, you’re bound to run into the image of a tree sooner or later. You may see people wearing jewellery or boasting tattoos similar trees too.

There are many reasons for this – but two of them stand out in front of the others.

The first is a snapshot into history and the ties of Yoga to Buddhism. When the Buddha first achieved enlightenment (Samadhi), he was sat in front of the Bodhi Tree. After countless days spent sat under the tree – days that included both starvation and a direct encounter with a demon – Buddha became enlightened. Another word for enlightenment is “Bodhi”. Hence the name – Bodhi tree. You can find Bodhi trees in most sacred spaces in India. You can even find the “Mahabodhi Tree” in Bhod Gaya, supposed to be a direct descendant of the tree Buddha became enlightened under (It’s only about 250 years younger).

However, the second reason is the one...

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Five Yogic Principles for a Saintly Sensation

You want to create ripples of happiness wherever you are? Want to be considered a ray of sunshine to all who gaze upon you? Are you getting trapped from your saintly goals by your stubborn human-ness?


Lucky for you, you can zipzap your way to Samadhi by using the ancient wisdom of the first five Living Principles of Yoga; the Yamas.


So maybe, just maybe, you handle the next long line at the bank or lunch with your loud-chewing friend with just a little more grace.


The Yamas

Principles of ethical behavior, the things to not do with the people around us. Aka keep it together, people.

  1. Ahimsa- Non-violence. No more stabbing people, okay? But seriously, this one is a sneaky one. The most pervasive violence we foster can be in our thoughts and it can apply to other people, the environment, and, most frequently, ourselves. Every negative thought separates the individual from their connection to others and pushes away Samadhi, which is really just the feeling of...

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5 Ancient Tools To Achieve Inner Peace NOW

5 Tools To Achieve Inner Peace NOW

Do you want to levitate your way to the supermarket? Do you want to handle problems with a smile on your face and a skip in your step?

Ancient Yogic wisdom tells you how to do it with the Niyamas- the 2nd limb of ashtanga (8 limbs) yoga and the last 5 Living Principles of Yoga. Per usual, the ancient gurus have got our back.

The Niyamas

The observances, internal disciplines, codes to live soulfully and relate to our own inner world.

  • Saucha- Purity. Stay clean! Not just hygienically, but in thoughts and actions and food. Don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary baggage.
  • Santosa- Contentment. Not to be confused with complacency, contentment is appreciating the present moment for what it is, while still having ambition to improve.
  • Tapas- Self-discipline, training your senses. Sometimes negative patterns need a little fire to burn through them. Hard-work can be fantastic medicine to blast through limitations.
  • ...
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