Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

healthy eating plant-based vegan | Posted Apr 16, 2022

The decision not to eat animal-based foods has been present in human societies for a long time–like, 2,000 years type of long. Ancient Indian communities were well known for following strict vegan diets. In Ancient Greece, the mathematician Pythagoras of Samos (known for his theorem on right angles) was famous for more than his geometrical genius. 

Pythagoras believed that animals had souls and that eating them prevented union with a higher form of life. Many other philosophers of the past labeled meat as a decadence that leads to war and suffering. 

After cropping up in many groups worldwide and in the west, veganism finally caught a tailwind straight into modern mainstream culture. In the 2010s, it took off. Today, countless celebrities and people of all backgrounds are adopting the lifestyle. 

Here are some of the benefits of cutting out animal-based foods.

Nutrient-rich foods increase overall well-being

It should go without saying that when your body gets...

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