Where to donate for India's coronavirus crisis

community tips well-being | Posted May 11, 2021

India needs our help right now. 

Yogis, pull up. Here at AmaSer we are devasted to hear the news about the coronavirus pandemic wreaking destruction in India, and are incredibly concerned by the Vaccine Apartheid depriving the Global South of the resources they so obviously need. 

We hope that you will consider a donation to an organization supporting those desperately in need right now.   

We've attached a list of local charities which could really benefit from any kind of support:

Give India - Covid fund

Goonj - Covid fund

Akshaya Patra - Covid fund

Pratham - Every Child in School and Learning Well



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5 things I learnt in my first ever yoga class at AmaSer

Hi, my name is Lucy and I have recently moved to beautiful Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I heard all about Avani’s yoga center AmaSer, so I decided to come along to one of her Yin & Restore classes on a Tuesday afternoon. The class started just before the sun was beginning to set and the afternoon was turning to dusk.  Here are five things I learnt about yoga! 


  1. Yoga is accessible, even to a newbie like me

I would not exactly class myself as a Yogi. I was a little nervous before going to class. What if I obviously stuck out as a rookie, what if I could not hold a posture? Avani made me feel welcome as soon as I entered the class. She begun by explaining the purpose of the class and demonstrated every pose by including a number of variations to make sure you were comfortable and could really connect with how you held your body – without hurting yourself! It was easy to follow and made me feel like I was being cared for, rather than judged.


  1. Even a...
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Get To Know Us – Flora Domenis

ayurveda lifestyle well-being yoga | Posted Nov 09, 2020
Original Post I September 17, 2016
Ayurvedic specialist Flora Domenis is a woman who exudes passion and love in everything she does. She is hooked on yoga and wellness, and owns an amazing cafe in the heart of Puerto Viejo called Puerto Pirata Cafe where you can try all of her amazing Ayurvedic recipes!
Flora is one of our faculty members for the upcoming Yoga’s Sister Science 100HR Yoga Teacher Training. This training is all about pairing Ayurveda & Asana, and the relationship between the two. We interviewed Flora to bring you a closer look into her life of love.
If you were an animal, what would you be?
Any bird of paradise–I could fly to the heavens!
What are 3 words you live by?
Integrity, non-violence, & compassion.
Favorite posture?
Child’s pose–I can feel my breath everywhere simultaneously. 
What are your 5 year goals? 
Be humble, keep on...
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