Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

healthy eating plant-based vegan | Posted Apr 16, 2022

The decision not to eat animal-based foods has been present in human societies for a long time–like, 2,000 years type of long. Ancient Indian communities were well known for following strict vegan diets. In Ancient Greece, the mathematician Pythagoras of Samos (known for his theorem on right angles) was famous for more than his geometrical genius. 

Pythagoras believed that animals had souls and that eating them prevented union with a higher form of life. Many other philosophers of the past labeled meat as a decadence that leads to war and suffering. 

After cropping up in many groups worldwide and in the west, veganism finally caught a tailwind straight into modern mainstream culture. In the 2010s, it took off. Today, countless celebrities and people of all backgrounds are adopting the lifestyle. 

Here are some of the benefits of cutting out animal-based foods.

Nutrient-rich foods increase overall well-being

It should go without saying that when your body gets...

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The Ingredients Behind AmaSer: Ashwagandha Powder

From ancient medicine to AmaSer’s Throat Chakra smoothie- How Ashwagandha is relieving the mind and body!

The Ancient Ayurveda Medicine 

This ancient medicinal herb that we blend into our throat chakra smoothie here at AmaSer can be traced back to 6,000 BC, with deep roots within Ayurveda medicinal practices. This medicinal herb in Sanskrit, the word “ashwa” means “horse”, while “gandha” means “smell”, translated meaning “the smell and strength of a horse”. This small but mighty shrub plant has fruitful flowers and is native to the Indian Subcontinent. This superfood is an adaptogen, meaning it promotes a healthy and well-balanced body all while reducing and regulating stress.

Calming, Grounding, and Restorative Properties 

Scientifically known as Withania somnifera and commonly referred to as Indian ginseng, this small shrub’s extracts and root powder are bursting with health benefits....

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The Ingredients Behind AmaSer: Gotu Kola

History of the Herb of Longevity

Directly from the gardens of AmaSer straight to your hand-crafted vegan meal at our café- it is quite impossible to miss out on the small but might herb, Gotu Kola. Widely known as the “herb of longevity”, Gotu Kola thrives in tropical climates. A traditional staple in Asian and Ayurvedic medicine, this member of the Parsley family is bursting with health benefits. Being a brain superfood, Gotu Kola boosts cognitive function and soothes the nervous system. Additionally, this herb wonderfully repairs damaged skin when applied topically. Ayurvedic practices utilizes this incredible herb to mend wounds, burns, scratches, and skin inflammation.

Nutrient Rich Herb

Gotu Kola has traditionally been used in ayurvedic practices as a nerve tonic. Gotu Kola when used has been shown to improve memory and overall cognitive function. Valued for it’s adaptogenic properties, Gotu Kola promotes a healthy stress response in the brain and...

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From farm-to-fork: the best possible practice for a chef

AmaSer’s chef Mario has been cooking for almost his whole life. After learning from his grandmother and getting a degree in culinary arts, he is now responsible for the dishes on our menu. Here, he can use what is available in the garden to create a gluten free vegan menu. With this, he can show people how a realistic and futureproof perspective on food, from farm-to-fork can be possible.



Mario learned cooking from his grandmother. He grew up in Mexico City with his grandmother always cooking. After school, he was the one helping her in the kitchen. “Immediately after I dropped my backpack, she asked me to go to the market, or chop vegetables. We have a big family that came to visit us every weekend, so my grandmother and I often had to make a lot of food.” She showed him what food to pick and where along with what herbs to harvest that were growing on the hill where they lived.


His life has always been about food. After exploring creative...

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A little chat with Blas : Chef Extraordinaire

“Cooking from and for the soul.”

~ Blas Claira~

Blas Claria is the head chef of our kitchen. His passion for cooking comes from travelling and organic farming. His motivation comes from a place of wanting to create positive change and see the transformation towards conscious food.

He has been travelling around the globe, constantly learning from different cultures, new dishes, and new flavours. His main inspiration is the Caribbean nature and its life cycles.


What were the first steps towards becoming a chef and starting this project?

I had the opportunity to visit various permaculture farms and therefore learned how to use local ingredients. I started being inspired by healthier food, fresher nourishments non-ultra processed, ingredients without so many chemical alterations.

A long time ago I used to work in a multinational food technology company and experienced that dark side of the industry. Some convenience foods and many products in the supermarkets are...

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