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RYT 500 / MA in Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Philosophy Teacher, Psychic, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

Shaka has been practicing yoga for over 16 years and teaching for 7. Training in Hatha yoga and completing her MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, Shaka’s practice is rooted in the Ashtanga method and the practice of Iyengar, which influence her teaching style and approach. For Shaka yoga is freedom and self-knowledge and over the years the practice has had a transformative affect on her life, allowing Shaka to find more peace and acceptance. Yoga is a holistic, broad, and profound practice and working with

the fundamental principles of posture, breath, relaxation, and meditation, Shaka’s classes will simultaneously build flexibility and strength but also enhance feelings of calm and connectedness. Shaka teaches a variety of classes, which all offer important focus on each aspect of the practice - dynamic classes are challenging but accessible and slower classes are designed to give more focus on alignment and breath - all are sequenced so that students can become more attuned into themselves, their bodies and to become more awakened to the sacred space within.

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Current Schedule:
Tuesdays at  9:30a.m. | Slow Flow Yoga
Fridays at  9:30a.m. | Restorative Yoga
Saturdays at  8:00a.m. | Vinyasa Yoga
Sundays at 9:30a.m. | Hatha Yoga


A joyful investment for the body,
mind, heart and spirit

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