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You, Yes YOU, Are a Yogi

You, Yes YOU Are A Yogi  

Guest Writer: Sophia Dalton

The explosion of yoga on Instagram has visually defined what it means to be a yogi: $120 yoga pants and top, a skinny body with magically non-sweaty hair and professionally done makeup, most likely white.

No matter who you are, whether you fit most of those descriptors or none, it can be extremely intimidating to claim what seems to be such an elusive and EXclusive title as your own.


When asked if you do yoga, it’s hard not to qualify your ‘yes’; “Yeah I guess, but I’m not one of those crazy handstand people.” A full, confident, yes is a long-fought discussion with the Self until you can finally claim that YOU. Are. A. Yogi.

Here are some golden tidbits to help you end that war once and for all:

  • What we know as ‘yoga’ today in the West is really called ‘Asana,’ or the physical component of Yoga. And get this- it’s only one out of the EIGHT limbs of yoga!

  • Asana literally means “to take one seat” not to get all sweaty and tone your booty. You’re practicing Asana even if you’re sitting with intention!

  • The original intention of Asana was to prepare the body for meditation.

  • The physical challenge of Asana is a tool to burn through the distractions of normal life (Maya) and refine your inner perception to remember that we are all one. It explains why you feel so dang good in Savasana.

  • “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita

Who knew that simply by living intentionally, you’ve been a yogi all along!

Next time somebody asks you if you are a yogi, answer them with a confident ‘Yes I am! And you probably are too!’ Because chances are, if they live life with intention, they are also a Yogi.

 Contributed by guest blogger: Sophia Dalton

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