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The Shame Of Slowing Down

Guest Writer: Kari Grace

Costa Rica is a destination many flocks to with the goal of grounding and re-centering through the beautiful nature and ‘pura vida’ lifestyle. This is certainly a wonderful place to slow down the clock, but what is often left unspoken is the uneasy feeling that can surface during this transition period.

When I moved to Costa Rica from busy New York City I experience what I came to the term ‘the shame of slowing down.’

As Salman Rushdie shares in his novel ‘Shame’: “Shame is like everything else; live with it for long enough and it becomes part of the furniture.”

So, if you’re resonating with this sentiment of slowing down, perhaps it’s time to do some refurbishing and clear out a little shame from your cupboards: Read my experience with shame here! 

Written by guest contributor: Kari Grace

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