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From the Gardens at AmaSER: Gotu Kola

Updated: Apr 25

History of the Herb of Longevity

Directly from the gardens of AmaSer straight to your hand-crafted vegan meal at our café- it is quite impossible to miss out on the small but might herb, Gotu Kola. Widely known as the “herb of longevity”, Gotu Kola thrives in tropical climates. A traditional staple in Asian and Ayurvedic medicine, this member of the Parsley family is bursting with health benefits. Being a brain superfood, Gotu Kola boosts cognitive function and soothes the nervous system. Additionally, this herb wonderfully repairs damaged skin when applied topically. Ayurvedic practices utilizes this incredible herb to mend wounds, burns, scratches, and skin inflammation.

Nutrient Rich Herb

Gotu Kola has traditionally been used in ayurvedic practices as a nerve tonic. Gotu Kola when used has been shown to improve memory and overall cognitive function. Valued for it’s adaptogenic properties, Gotu Kola promotes a healthy stress response in the brain and nervous system. Due to these nervous system properties, Gotu Kola has potential in treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Applied topically, the triterpene compound within the herb known as asiaticoside stimulates collagen production in order to help repair topical wounds and scarring. In the vitamin lineup- Gotu Kola contains vitamin A, C and B2 along with an amazing source of calcium, iron and potassium.

How to use it in your own life!

Gotu Kola can be found at your local health food store in pills, powders, and tinctures. However, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the perfect climate to grow your own Gotu Kola, you can add this awesome herb into your smoothies, a mixed green salad, or cook this herb into any of your favorite recipes. We also suggest brewing your next tea with some add Gotu Kola! Needless to say, the possibilities are endless with this “herb of longevity”!

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