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From the Kitchen of AmaSER: Ashwagandha Powder

Updated: Apr 25

From ancient medicine to AmaSer’s Throat Chakra smoothie- How Ashwagandha is relieving the mind and body!

The Ancient Ayurveda Medicine 

This ancient medicinal herb that we blend into our throat chakra smoothie here at AmaSer can be traced back to 6,000 BC, with deep roots within Ayurveda medicinal practices. This medicinal herb in Sanskrit, the word “ashwa” means “horse”, while “gandha” means “smell”, translated meaning “the smell and strength of a horse”. This small but mighty shrub plant has fruitful flowers and is native to the Indian Subcontinent. This superfood is an adaptogen, meaning it promotes a healthy and well-balanced body all while reducing and regulating stress.

Calming, Grounding, and Restorative Properties 

Scientifically known as Withania somnifera and commonly referred to as Indian ginseng, this small shrub’s extracts and root powder are bursting with health benefits. Ashwagandha is best known for its stress and anxiety relief properties. The plants adaptogens promote a well-balanced nervous system, thus reducing physical and mental stress on the body. The nervous system benefits from the ashwagandha’s neurosupportive elements. This herb is known to be grounding, calming, and restorative. The powder has been shown to maintain a healthy level of cortisol within the body, creating a regulatory and healthy low-stress environment for the body. This calm environment created by the superfood also explains the benefits of a better sleep while utilizing ashwagandha!

How to Incorporate Ashwagandha Into Your Life

Ashwagandha is typically seen as a root extract in powdered form. The powdered root is traditionally mixed with ghee, honey, or water and either ingested or applied topically to inflamed joins. Capsule versions of this incredible superfood are becoming more typical and can act as a daily supplement to relieve the stressful nature of day to day activities. Visit us in the café Monday through Friday to experience the array of superfood’s we utilize in every part of our garden to table vegan eatery. (Pro-tip: grab a throat chakra smoothie to continue winding down after a public yoga class every weekday at 8:00 am!)



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