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Let YTT Change Your Life, It Changed Ours: Real Voices From YTT Graduates

“First of all, it was so so so much more than I could have ever expected. I went in with a vision that I wanted to deepen my knowledge since I felt ”kind of stuck.” I did my practice and went to yoga lessons since 2012 so I felt it was time to get deeper.

Also in my daily life I started to ask myself questions about the meaning of life. I felt like humanity (myself included) is becoming so separate from nature and things that are natural for us. The only thing in my life that got me more connected was Yoga.

So after this YTT I felt so connected to my dharma. Many of my questions I’ve been thinking of was exactly what YTT was giving me. It was so liberating.And now only Thanks to Caribe Yoga Academy I feel like I got such an ultra mega good training, so good that I felt the courage to start working with yoga right away in Sweden. Sharing the things of yoga that I feel very passionate about. And it’s working!! Talking about earthing, Ganesha and grasshoppers!”

  • Charlotte,  Sweden

“AMASER IS PARADISE! I cannot think of a place more peaceful and beautiful to practice. I miss the Maha Shala everyday and am so happy and proud to say that for a little while I was lucky enough to call it home.  They offer classes for everyone and some yummy body work as well. If you are looking for a place to host a retreat or to find peace and serenity… this is it. The lodging is rustic and magical so you must have a certain appreciation for nature and adventure. The owners have done a spectacular job making this place what it is and have honoured their community by keeping it authentic to it’s environment. Do yourself a favour and check this place out! Xoxoxo”

  • Carryn, Canada

“My training at AmaSer was beyond what I could have ever expected and hoped for. Not only was I properly prepared to teach yoga to others, I was encouraged to delve deep within my soul and transform into the best person I can be. AmaSer gave me the tools and love I needed to truly enjoy and gain the most out of my experience. Avani and her team are so full of love, acceptance, and wisdom, and are so open to sharing that with everyone they meet. I am so grateful for my  time at AmaSer.”

  • Katelyn, U.S.

“To sign up for YTT at AmaSer started as just another training…[somewhere] I would learn about yoga and get a certificate to teach yoga.  I did not have many expectations beforehand apart from also using it as a yoga retreat. However, this YTT somehow transformed me. Before this, I was accumulated with lots of negative emotions because of chaotic work and because of gloomy personal life and did not really have a clear path.  During the YTT, I have experienced and received so much love from everyone around the world and learned to express them. I felt genuine kindness adapted positivity from everyone everywhere. In addition, I had chances to release my deep sad/negative emotions that have been built in me over the years through the cacao ceremony and clarity breathwork.  After those, I have felt stronger emotionally and not as easliy fallen into negative moods. I have never experience either of them and they amazed me that there were such things existing. Besides, I was not really a spiritual person either but this YTT has opened my views to things I was constantly in denial. I am glad I have participated in this YTT in AmaSer as it has offered me more than what I came for and a chance to see my life differently.”

  • Joyce, Taiwan

“Is this real life?” More than once this is what I have been thinking to myself during the yoga teacher training at AmaSer.  Usually a sign that you are doing the right thing! The funny thing is that the word, or idea of ‘truth’ kept popping back up in my mind all the time. For me yoga has always been so much about leaving all the distractions for a moment and getting back to what really matters in life. So I guess this is exactly what I have been doing during YTT, exploring the question: what is true to me in life? And how can I share this truth with others? Finding truth to live a happier life. It gave me so much power and confidence to share this conversation with the group of superwoman, who in the end, were all exploring their personal truths as well. Pura Vida!”

  • Ilja, Holland

“CYA was transformative for me on so many levels. I’ve started to believe in myself in a way I never knew I could. Learning about yoga allowed me to see that we are all one, sharing this beautiful universe, and that whatever opinions of myself I had developed up into this point were created by me and not by anyone else. That I can create a world I want to live in just by shifting my attitude and practicing discipline. That slapping silly labels on myself only further isolates me from Oneness. I feel like I got back on track in life- I arrived confused, lonely and disconnected from myself. I left not having it all figured out, but feeling confident about what I needed to do to get back on track, and equipped with tools to help me get there.”

  • Elise, Maine, U.S.

By Guest Contributor: Sophie Dalton

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