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Five Core Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

5 Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga 

Vinyasa Yoga, in Sanskrit, means “to place in a purposeful way”. And that is was exactly happens during AmaSer’s 8:00 am Vinyasa Flow Public classes Monday through Friday. During Vinyasa Yoga, the breath becomes alive and energizes the body to create a beautifully flowing practice of intentional asanas layered on top of one another. The manifestation of breath and repeated pattern create incredible benefits to the body, mind, and soul!

There is a reason why Vinyasa practice is one of the most popular forms of yoga, here’s why!

1. A Heart Healthy Practice

The quick movement paired with synchronized breathing creates a wonderful environment to get your heart rate pumping! Also known as “moving meditation”, Vinyasa helps alleviate stress, thus actively lowering your blood pressure. Not to mention the amount of sweat you are able to work up from Vinyasa!

2. Strengthen Your Body

Vinyasa Yoga, commonly known as “flow yoga” focuses a lot of the body’s strength in the core. Throughout the entirety of your practice, vinyasa will touch on every muscle in your body. From Matsyasana to Chaturanga, Vinyasa will build muscles within your body you were previously not aware of!

3. Rest Your Mind 

The primary focus revolving around Vinyasa practice Is breath! While practicing flow, you are actively working on mindfulness all while relieving your nervous system of any intruding thoughts. The next time you feel the need to reset- try a vinyasa practice!

4. One Practice is Never Like the Other

You will never find two Vinyasa flows alike, and that is the beauty of this yoga style. Each teacher has their own twists, favorite asanas, and styles for their vinyasa classes. This diversity of practice encourages yogis everywhere to continue growing within their practice and to soak up each experience with a beginner’s mindset, something we should all continue to hold. 

5. Improves Body Posture 

With the great intention held within Vinyasa between breath and posture creates a heightened awareness of how we hold our bodies off the mat. Vinyasa teaches us the importance of balancing both our body and mind, when aligned perfectly- there is no other feeling!


 That being said, please join us Monday through Friday at 8:00 am to reap the benefits of a Vinyasa practice in your own life! Allow your breath and body to become aligned and manifest a multitude of benefits for your life on and off the mat!

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