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Finding Your Purpose

Guest Writer: Clarents Robles

I spent most of my childhood inside my room, while my siblings were outside playing. I was asking myself how electrical components work. I grew up listening to my family saying to me that I will be an amazing engineer or scientific. I remember thinking to pursue a stable good job, have a family and a nice car was the purpose of my life.  

So  I decided to take the safe route and enter Engineer School, it wasn’t until the end of my second year that I gave up Uni. On the process I started reconnecting with myself and explored different areas, I ended up enrolling in a communication career, I travelled and discovered different cultures, different visions, and read, read a lot. And let me tell you; my perspective and aspirations completely changed! For good!  I don’t even remember how many times and now in my latest twenties, I can start to feel what can be the purpose of my life.

I reconnect with myself and explored other areas, I studied communication, I travelled, I read, I changed my mind I don’t even remember how many times and now in my latest twenties, I can start to feel what can be the purpose of my life.

The truth is that the “purpose of life” sounds pretty serious, the first recommendation that I can share is in fact;


 -Don’t take it so seriously.

Explore different disciplines, take as many courses of random things as you feel, watch videos about everything, travel, talk with all kind of people and be open to receive all the information, acknowledge and experience that you can.


-Be aware of “fake purposes” 

Your life purpose can’t be based in a perfect relationship a big house or family with four kids and two dogs. Your purposes have to be something very inside you, something that whatever happens around will stay with you and not something that depends on someone or something. 


– Connect with your very deep self. 

Our mind is very conditioned. I thought that I will be an amazing engineer because everyone around me was telling me that. When I moved to a very remote forest in Germany I realized how good was for me to be in nature, in silence. There was the first time that I felt connected with myself. I listened my intuition in a more conscious way and to have and idea how I wanted to focus my professional and personal path. 


– Cultivate empathy and altruism

Some emotions and behaviours can help us to find our purpose. Experiences when we help others are useful to connect with feelings and emotions that can show us a new perspective in life and with that, a different purpose. When we impact in a positive way someone else life you feel that you are here for a reason and that feeling can help you to define what is your purpose in this life.


-Life is here, life is now

Your purpose can change during your life and that is ok! The present is the only moment that exists. Close your eyes and think what would you like to be doing in the future and try to start to do it now. If you always wanted to know more about astrology or geographic get a book and start to learn a bit of it. 

Be patient and kind to yourself.

Remember that the best part of travelling is not getting there, is what you find in your way. Be patient and aware of the signs that you will find, listening to your intuition and trust and you are already in the way.


By Clarents for AmaSer

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