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Beauty Secrets : Strawberry Fields Forever

Have you been neglecting your skin recently? Are you frustrated with the way your skin is reacting to seasonal and environmental changes? Or, are you just in the mood to pamper yourself like the divine being you are? If so, strawberries may be your new saving grace.

Strawberries are packed with vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acids, salicylic acid, aspartic acid, ellagic acid, folate and fiber. These properties are known to combat acne, promote cell regeneration, eliminate toxins, heal damaged skin, fade scars, prevent aging and more!

There are countless ways to utilize strawberries in your beauty regime besides adding them to your morning smoothie…

  1. The most basic way you can use a strawberry on your face is by simply rinsing the whole berry off (to ensure it is clean), and using the entire berry as a facial buffer. That’s right, it’s that simple! The conical shape of the berry is already a great shape to fit the curves and contours of the face, such as around the nose and eyes. The seeds of the strawberry provide a gentle yet effective exfoliation as the juice of the berry massage into the skin. If you’d like a bit more exfoliation, try dipping the berry in a little bit of coconut oil, and then coating it in a thin layer of brown sugar. After a few minutes (or after the berry has expired), simply rinse your face or hop in the shower and you’re set!

  2. If you’d like more of a scrub that can be applied to the entire face at one, you can use the same ingredients listed above, and just mash the berry with a fork instead of keeping it whole. Add brown sugar and coconut oil to your preference depending on how much moisture/exfoliation you desire. This is a great option for those who have dry skin or combination skin.

  3. For more of an astringent face mask, adding fresh lemon juice is a great option! Lemon juice helps to absorb excess oils from the skin and cleanse the pores. If you have more oily skin, this mask will do wonders. Lemon juice also is a natural disinfectant, and will kill any bacteria on the skin that may cause acne.

  4. For an amazing moisturizing and brightening strawberry mask, add honey and avocado! Mash 2 or 3 strawberries in a bowl with one quarter avocado and 2 tablespoons raw honey. Honey is an amazing moisturizer and will leave your skin looking and feeling light and bright. Raw honey is best! Avocado is full of vitamin E and antioxidants to help keep your skin bright and healthy. It will also provide your mask with a nice thick, luscious texture.

Any of these recipes will do wonders in combating dirt and toxins within the skin. If you’d like, you could even make a mask with all of the ingredients from above!

Let strawberries be your new secret weapon to a glowing self, inside and out.

Pura Vida


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