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AmaSER Yogis Share Their Most Embarrassing Yoga Stories on the Mat

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of ways to get caught in an embarrassing yoga moment. From face plants to fashion faux pas, our yogis are no strangers to feeling foolish in the middle of their daily asanas. Have you had a mortifying experience on the mat? You’re not alone.

This Isn’t a Prop

“I invited a friend (who happened to be a very, very handsome man) to yoga, and I was really looking forward to practicing with him. When we got to class he set up his mat in the middle of the room, so I quickly unfurled mine to secure a spot next to him. I watched in horror as my favorite pair of hot pink underwear came flying out of the end of my mat, landing directly on the floor in front of me. I stood there, stunned, until I finally regained motor function and managed to collect my dirty laundry and shove it into my gym bag. I asked him to join me for class the following week, but he politely declined.”

Show and Tell

“I bought a new, really pretty pair of yoga pants and I decided to try them out in a fast paced vinyasa class. What I didn’t know was that they would be see-through as soon as I started sweating! By the time I finished class you could see EVERYTHING. I don’t always wear underwear, so I’m lucky that I decided to wear them that day!”


“One day we were working on Wild Thing (Camatkarasana) and tipped over onto the guy next to me. Not only did I knock him over, but as he fell he managed to collide with two other people! I was mortified and the teacher had to stop class to make sure that nobody was injured and to get everyone back in place. I still do this pose every time that we’re guided into it, but I’m always a little worried that I’ll fall again.”

It Happens to Everyone

We’ve all had embarrassing moments in yoga. If you’ve been practicing for more than a few weeks, chances are that you’ve fallen on your face (ahem, crow pose…), passed gas or realized you were twisting in the wrong direction at least once. It’s important to remind yourself that we all end up looking a little foolish now and then, and it’s just part of being human.

Do you have an embarrassing story to tell? Share yours! And don’t forget – it’s your imperfections that make you perfect.

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