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AmaSER - The Magical Experience

Imagine you are overlooking the clear blue Caribbean ocean, the sun is setting behind the mountains that encircle the coastline. You have an amazing view because luckily you are on a jungle hillside. As you watch the coast turn from that light, bright yellow to a deep celeste blue shimmer, all around you is a cacophony of birds, chirping insects and howler monkeys calling in the now dimly lit treetops. Perhaps, you are at a beautiful morning yoga class at AmaSER. 

I’ve just started working here and in my opinion, the location of AmaSER is one of its most unique qualities. It is just a few minutes walk to town and the ocean, yet the elevated hillside microclimate provides a sense of seclusion and fresh, boisterous air. You’ll notice that AmaSER is not just in the jungle, it is intentionally amongst the jungle. Every corner of AmaSER is padded with foliage. Draped over the walkways you’ll see ferns, and palm leaves, tall or short coconut, banana and moringa trees, climbing and hanging vines, aloe vera and a selection of budding jungle flowers. Many of the edible plants are part of AmaSERr’s intentional organic garden initiative. 

Over the past years AmaSER co-owner Andrew Denley and resident green thumbs have worked towards realizing their dream of a food forest flourishing on the property. The main garden is comprised of different native and tropical plant species including lemons, cinnamon, Thai cilantro, mint, basil, bell peppers, Sissoo spinach, hibiscus, snakefruit, mango breadfruit, chestnut and other flavorful and nutritious plants you may have never heard of. If you venture around the property you’ll notice the dense backyard jungle is also spotted with towering fruit trees such as zapote, Mamon chino, guanabana, and guayaba.

All this wonderful vegetation is put to use at the on-site conscious eatery, which you can experience 7 days a week.

AmaSER is dedicated to offering a consistent schedule for local yogis and visitors. Weekly classes range from Yin to sound healing and restorative to a variety of vinyasa and ashtanga flow classes happening in the sacred Maha and Bhakti Shalas. All are taught by Certified Yoga Alliance instructors from all over the world who have taken up residence on the majestic Caribbean coast.

AmaSER seems to be quickly burgeoning into a yoga establishment whose professionalism is highlighted by continuous engagement in the global yoga and wellness community. Their emphasis on sustainability and native food sources is an extremely impressive initiative that exemplifies their awareness and dedication to yoga as a multifaceted way of life. This… is the AmaSER experience. “Yoga with a view,” and so much more awaits you atop of the Cashew Hill neighborhood in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

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