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A Transformational Hour: Ayurvedic Consultation

Have you ever wondered why other people seem to be more or less comfortable in the same environment as you, or with the same foods? Have you experienced subtle underlying discomfort- emotionally or physically- and had no idea where it was coming from?

Ayurveda (Ayur= Life + Veda = Knowledge/ Science), the sister science to yoga, uses thousands of years of study on happiness and longevity to help you create your optimal lifestyle; physical movement, family relations, morning routines, natural environment, job, and diet down to which types of root vegetables and when.

An Ayurvedic appointment evaluates you by your past and current experiences and your Dosha combination. The three Doshas are mind-body types, subtle energies that cannot be perceived but that express particular patterns in a unique blend of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Basically they help explain why you do what you do.

Next, the Ayurvedic “prescription” has the power to change your life as it differs so greatly from the normal western appointment. Thanks to the circumstantially-evaluative report, Ayurvedic wisdom can give you the tools to create real change in your life. Whether it’s by finally understanding a pattern you’ve been unable to let-go of, learning small changes to make to your environment to let yourself prosper, the category of vegetables you should avoid, or identifying a lifestyle element that is making you sick, Ayurvedic wisdom can help you to make compassionate changes to your daily life, and empower you to live a life well-lived.

 photo by Chinh Le Duc

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