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A Sufi Tradition for Peaceful & Impactful Communication

This Ancient Sufi Technique will Allow you to have Meaningful Connections that Impact.

In a world that can’t stop talking, be the person to speak with intention and clarity. Use the Four Gates of Speech, developed out of Sufi tradition, and make everything you say matter.

The Four Gates of Speech:

  1. Is it true?

  • Do you know with absolute certainty that what you’re about to say is true? If it is not, then it feeds into unnecessary information overload and you miss the mark on contributing as best you can to your environment.

  1. Is it necessary?

  • Notice how often you speak simply to fill a silence. Take a deep breath, let the silence be okay, and you just might notice yourself becoming a better listener as well- a happy side effect!

  1. Is it beneficial?

  • What purpose does it serve, who does it help? Do your words improve a situation or…not? Are you merely trying to help or are you actually helping? Gently evaluate your own effectiveness in the outcome.

  1. Is it kind?

  • Oftentimes a self-proclaimed truth-speaker will use the first three gates of speech, but the truth will be most effective when it is also kind. There is also the tendency to speak kindness that has no truth behind it, which does not support any progress.

Practice putting your thoughts through the Four Gates and you will see your external and internal worlds become more effective, kinder, and less inundated with nonsense.

By guest contributor: Sophie Dalton

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