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5 Magical Things About Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Guest Writer: Christine Lauren

Listed below are 5 quick insights to the magic that blooms in the Costa Rican town of Puerto Viejo. 

1. Slowing down. A blend of Costa Rican and Caribbean energy creates days of slow, therapeutic living. This is a breath of fresh air especially for those arriving from metropolitan areas and lifestyles.

2. A much needed westernized detox. Unlike other parts of Costa Rica, such as the pacific coast, Puerto Viejo is known for its rustic charm. You will not find all inclusive resorts or chain restaurants here. Welcome a culture shift with open minds and warm vibes.

3. Beaches, beaches, beaches. Whatever part of the town you stay in, make sure to either put on your walking shoes or rent a bike. There are so many stunning beaches along the stretch of Puerto Viejo, all offering its own distinct personality. Black sand to surf tides. Explore them all, you have the time.

4. Wellness. You will easily come across numerous holistic inspired restaurants, cafes, stores and clothing boutiques. AmaSER is located in town and offers an array of public yoga classes and an all vegetarian eatery. Allow your vacation to have a balance of indulgence and wellness.

5. A place to connect. Puerto Viejo is like a vortex and attracts a certain type of person. If the idea of walking off the beaten path, a mix of soul searching and memory making and embracing a free-spirited energy sounds good to you; than you know Puerto Viejo is calling you. No matter where you stay, you will surely run into other humans who you effortlessly connect with.

Overall, the picturesque town of Puerto Viejo is a place for those seeking a more authentic type of travel experience. The weather, food, friendly locals and warm vibes will ensure those who visit a pleasureful stay on the Caribbean coast. 

Written by guest contributor: Christine Lauren

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