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5 Ancient Tools To Achieve Inner Peace NOW

5 Tools To Achieve Inner Peace NOW

Do you want to levitate your way to the supermarket? Do you want to handle problems with a smile on your face and a skip in your step?

Ancient Yogic wisdom tells you how to do it with the Niyamas- the 2nd limb of ashtanga (8 limbs) yoga and the last 5 Living Principles of Yoga. Per usual, the ancient gurus have got our back.

The Niyamas

The observances, internal disciplines, codes to live soulfully and relate to our own inner world.

  • Saucha- Purity. Stay clean! Not just hygienically, but in thoughts and actions and food. Don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary baggage.

  • Santosa- Contentment. Not to be confused with complacency, contentment is appreciating the present moment for what it is, while still having ambition to improve.

  • Tapas- Self-discipline, training your senses. Sometimes negative patterns need a little fire to burn through them. Hard-work can be fantastic medicine to blast through limitations.

  • Svadhyaya- Self-study, inner exploration. Holding yourself accountable for your own journey, growth, and exploration.

  • Ishvarapranidhana- Surrender to higher power/ nature/ God. Practicing the understanding that there is so much more beyond the individual experience.

 “By firmly grasping the flower of a single virtue, a person can life the entire garland of yama and niyama.” – Swami Kripalu

Though complete inner peace will most likely continue to be elusive, observance of the niyamas in an invaluable tool to make those moments a little more frequent and longer lasting.

By Guest Contributor:  Sophie Dalton

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