On Demand Retreat

Resilient Mind, Steady Heart, Balanced Body

Retreat Highlights


Passion. Get to know Avani, the director of programs here at AmaSer and the creative director of the Caribe Yoga Academy trainings. She is truly passionate about sharing the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda in ways that are accessible for this on-demand retreat and beyond!


Convenience. Our On-Demand format allows you to move through this retreat at your own pace and wherever it fits best in your schedule. It literally couldn't get any easier to receive quality, in-depth Yoga and Ayurveda education. AND you can go back to it as frequently as you'd like!


Community. Those that join our online offerings join a unique online community built up of many folks who come here for live and in-person options! We also offer support as you journey through...for whatever you need!


  • Explore the causes of suffering and imbalance from Yogic and Ayurvedic perspective. 
  • Learn to read the qualities of your own experience in order to create the best balance in your life. 
  • Try tons of self-care techniques and learn about their benefits.
  • Get full length Yin and Vinyasa yoga offerings that are balancing for both the body and the spirit. 
  • Discover the power and importance of community for your mental and physical health.
  • Reassess the true definition of Yoga.
  • Discover how to align your daily and seasonal routines for optimal health and cooperation with True Nature.  
  • and so much more!!!

Not sure if this retreat is right for you?

We support students from all over the globe in graduating with an understanding of the foundations of yoga and we also offer advanced level yoga teacher trainings with in-depth studies on their niche of choice. Yoga teachers who have joined this retreat can be found in most corners of the world and in a variety of different settings.  Our professional trainings exceed the current international standards and requirements for both foundational AND advanced level yoga teacher training programs. And this retreat offers those that complete it continuing education credits through the Yoga Alliance.

You might say we take pride in our offerings...and you'd be right! We work meticulously to offer quality and depth to all of our students from our on-demand online continuing education programs and trainings to our live and in person studies.  You're in good hands with the team at AmaSer!

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