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Pre-natal Yoga, Doula and Trauma Informed Trainer

Jenna has always had a passion for movement and spent nearly 20 years training as a dancer and performer. She found yoga in college to help ease back pain and stress and hasn’t turned back. While her yoga practice started as a movement practice, it quickly evolved into an essential life practice, spiritual practice, and mental health practice. 


Jenna has been holding space, teaching yoga for over 6 years, has over 5000 hours of teaching experience and has invested more than 1000 hours into her education as a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, birth doula, and trauma informed teacher trainer. She has taught yoga in many different parts of the world, and to many different demographics of people. Jenna is compassionate about creating a welcoming space for folks to show up exactly as they are. It’s her personal mission and dharma to use her learned and lived experiences to share the tools of yoga to help others find the capacity to heal. Forever a student of yoga, yoga is a way of life, an everyday practice, and sets the foundation for the person she wants to be in the world.

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Current Schedule:
On maternity leave


A joyful investment for the body,
mind, heart and spirit

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