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Kundalini Guides / School of Love Founders

Kundalini Teachers and Teacher Trainers

Navkiran & Satya are parents of Raimundo and Milagros. They were born in Chile and the last 10 years have being traveling in different countries. Since the 2022 they are living on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. 


Together they are meant to help and guide, themselves and others, through the journey of self discovery and ascension. After both of them made a career in the business world, Navkiran & Satya met again, and since then they have lived a deep spiritual awakening. This led them to awaken deep knowledge and understanding of the core reality underneath all senses, discovering healing gifts and a profound divine source connection. They also found wonderful answers in studies of quantum and energy healing, transpersonal psychology, radiesthesia, egyptian ankh healing knowledge, in the understanding of yoga and meditation through Kundalini Yoga, and in the deep understanding of working, moving and adjusting the energy in their bodies. Navkiran & Satya are blessed to receive infinite wisdom through channeling and divine guidance. After several years developing themselves as therapists (2009) and teaching Kundalini Yoga (2012), they were guided to create School Of Love -S.O.L- a guide back to the Soul and an invitation for the vibration of the energy of Love to be our school. Where they teach Energy Healing & Spiritual Activation Training, Breathing Coach Training, Kundalini Yoga classes, guide Ascension Vortex Ceremony, Satya Kriya The Breath of the Soul, and other beautiful and powerful tools of healing, meditation and ascension. "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” UCDM  

We are Energy. We are Love. We are One.

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Español -English

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Current Schedule:
Wednesdays at 11:00a.m. | Kundalini
Saturdays at  9:30a.m. | Kundalini


A joyful investment for the body,
mind, heart and spirit

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