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RYT 500 / Physical Therapist / Sound Healing Therapist / Massage Therapist

Sound Meditation Guide & Upholder of the Ancient Texts

Amala is a physical therapist who started her yoga practice through Bhakti devotional practices in San Jose. She studied Vedic texts of theosophy and philosophy of India as a teenager growing up in San Jose, Costa Rica while living at the Hare Krishna Temple. This set her foundation for her discipline for Yoga and finished her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Through Hatha Yoga she found her vocation for helping others through movement and wanted to deepen her practice with knowledge of the physical body which lead her to physical therapy school. During that time she made a research proyect for her university about the therapeutic and physiological effects of tibetan singing bowls. This lead her to become a certified sound healing therapist through the Instituto Español de Sonoterapia. Amala continues her studies in the Harmonium and Indian Devotional song under the guide of Sheela Bringi MFA, and today she promotes health through her expertise preventing disease and injury through functional movement and safe biomechanics.

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Current Schedule:
Mondays at  9:30a.m. | Yin Yoga
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:00a.m.
Yin Yoga + Sound Healing


A joyful investment for the body,
mind, heart and spirit

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