The people behind AmaSer

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2021

Get to know the people that help create this beautiful space and community!

We'd love to introduce you to our beloved Chef Chachi, who has been a team member joining AmaSer from their new post-pandemic beginning, “I was one of the people who saw this beautiful new project grow”, as she share with us.
Originally from Venezuela, Chachi arrived to Puerto Viejo 3 years ago and fell in love (we can relate). Her famous nickname is actually a play on her full name Drachir, and fun fact: she was named that after her father – Richard, but (kinda) spelled right?

She’s been working as a chef for the past 5 years, but specializing in vegan and Ayurvedic food for 1 year. Besides that she’s also an amazing photographer audio-visual producer, and even responsible for some of our latest Caribe Yoga Academy YTT photos.

Chachi, what is your favorite part about working for AmaSer? What this place means for you?
I love the peace of this place. I get to learn every day about vegan food, create different dishes that taste delicious. I am fortunate to work here, surrounded by wonderful people, and actually what I most like about the job here is that while I cook, I can dance!

AmaSER, and being aware of Ayurvedic medicine, changed my diet and my spirit. that was a meaningful change and an important step in my life. Detoxifying is necessary to be reborn and love yourself. This place for me means being reborn from love.

Wow, so much love! would you mind sharing one special experience you had here?
I can think on many wonderful and funny moments that we shared here! But I think I will never forget the opening, the excitement of an opening is never forgotten. So many dances! who ever danced with me that day, know how much I enjoyed it.

where do you get inspired for the food you create here?
I try to recreate my favorite dishes in a vegan version.

I love fusion cuisine; Caribbean, Thai and Italian. but my kitchen brother and partner, Kenneth, always inspires me and leads me to find more intense flavors. we like to experiment with what we have in the AmaSer’s garden and kitchen, and that is what this place is about - finding the way that chickpeas stop being simple chickpeas and become a magical dinner.
I was also drawn lately into Richa Hingle’s work that I find very inspiring.

Is gluten free and vegan cuisine was part of your life before arriving to AmaSer? What you love most about it?
It wasn’t , but my body was definitely asking me for a change, and getting here was one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. Now days, if you’ll arrive to my house and open my fridge - 90% of it is greens, lentils, chickpeas, pumpkin. The other 10% is pizza capresse (Sorry, it's my guilty pleasure). I also love being able to make our pumpkin bread to my friend who is allergic to gluten.

That’s amazing! Chachi, what will be your message to our community of readers?
You always have to be grateful; I feel that this is only the beginning of big and beautiful things.
When you manage to be aware of what your body needs to be healthy, happy and live in full harmony with the universe, You are LOVING TO BE. 


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