KAP: Kundalini Awakening Process and Yoga Nidra in Costa Rica

This week our friend Jamilah hosted a workshop here at AmaSer to awaken kundalini energy. Coach Mel and Jameelah Nuriddin guided our  through "KAP," or Kundalini Awakening Process, along with Yoga Nidra, to both awaken and move root fire energy through the bodies of participants.

KAP, or Kundalini Awakening Process, is a "transmission of life force energy", and a gentle, passive way to awaken this powerful energy which rests at the base of the spine. Though kundalini energy can be awakened through yoga, meditation, breathwork, and movement, KAP practitioners channel this energy, allowing others to receive this help while in a 'yogic sleep' state, or Yoga Nidra. 

Energy in nature and in our bodies needs to move. When our energy is in fast motion, we feel "higher vibrations" in our emotions and in our bodies. Think of a waterfall, a rushing river, a thunderstorm, or a ray of light. All are fast-moving, cleansing, healing, and these fast-moving energies elevate our human experience. Slow-moving, dense energy can cause stagnation, heavy emotional states, and disease.

When we awaken our Kundalini fire and move this fire up from the base of the spine through the other 6 chakras, we come into mental, physical, and spiritual alignment. Some experience tingling in the body, ecstatic sensations, strong emotional releases, visions, and a strong connection to Source energy. Some feel very little in the moment, but notice the effects of the awakening over time. 

From our yoga shala in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, our yogi friends received these powerful, life-changing transmissions in a loving, safe space. For more information on yoga retreats in Costa Rica, visit our events page on Pura Vida.


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